by Jeanette Yoffe, MFT

AGE RANGE: 4-17 suggested.

GOAL: To teach about the neuroscience of the brain, learn communication skills, and utilize a snow globe to practice breathing and self-regulation.

THERAPY: Individual and Family.

SYMPTOM REDUCTION: Fear, worry, depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety.

SYMPTOM INCREASE: Patience, control, self-reliance, self-confidence, and inner-peace.


Finger Animal Puppets assortment and/or Washable markers
Finger Ring Google eyes (Party City)
Empty large water bottle, stickers off
Glitter in Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple and Gold
Glycerin from a drugstore

Explain to the child they are going to learn about how “our” brains work so they can understand what drives “our” feelings and what we “can” do to help ourselves. Have them draw an animal on their thumb with markers or place a finger puppet on their thumb and google eyes.
1. Watch 4.5 minute Video on YouTube, Hand Model of the Brain for Kids by Jeanette Yoffe:

2. Teach and practice “I messages” holding the finger puppet and google eyes

“I FEEL . . .” basic feelings . . .

Say “I FEEL . . .” SAD, MAD, SCARED, or GLAD

“I NEED . . .” 5 basic needs . . . the 5 A’s . . .



3. Watch 4.5 minute Video on YouTube Just Breathe made by Kids

4. Explain to the child they are going to get to make a “Feelings Snow Globe” to practice slowing down, taking their time to breath to calm down their brain. The water bottle is filled up with water leaving some room at the top. Each color represents a feeling, Blue is sad, Red is mad, Yellow is happy, Purple is scared and Green is irritated. For reach glitter tube, ask the child to tap their feelings into their globe, one by one.

I encourage children to share about that feeling and put words to it. After all feelings are placed in, the therapist/parent places 2 teaspoons of glycerin, which is a thick liquid that will allow the glitter to move slowly. The top can be sealed with glue. Practice shaking the snow globe, have the child sit, watch the feelings settle and practice breathing. Either using a lavender oil to breathe in or have them imagine breathing in the smell of their birthday cake.