Wonderful therapist! Jeanette is an amazing, talented and caring therapist. She has anchored our family and helped us work through some tough situations. She is so creative, positive, and supportive. We highly recommend her! Customer since January 2015
Psychotherapist, mother Jeannette is a knowledgeable, energetic and emphatic professional. She understand the issues of foster care and adoption from inside out. I have been following her work for the last 8 years. I always had excellent experiences and her professional interventions are assertive and provide results. Customer since June 2014
Alicia Trelles
Local expert !!!! I first met Jeanette at a training she gave at work six years ago, and was just blown away by her vulnerability, expert knowledge, and wisdom! Over the years I have enjoyed Learning from her and feel so blessed we have someone like her as an expert in the field! Customer since […]
sensitive counselor with good feedback and tips Maureen Donley is a good listener and effective at offering tangible suggestions and insights to aid me in feeling heard and leaving with a bit of an action plan. She helps me gain perspective and allows me a safe place to share my issues with no judgement. I […]
Julie S
great to share/get useful feedback/be understood I would recommend [Yoffe Therapy] and their therapists to anyone who wants to “air their concerns/get their troubles off their chest” to an objective party who will listen well and provide useful feedback. I come away knowing more of the “why” of what I do, and feel understood. I […]
Ms S.