Paula Free

Paula Free

Certified Adoption Coach

Paula is a transracial, adult adoptee who has overcome the loss and trauma from her adoption experience.  Paula is a certified post-adoption coach dedicated to helping adopters and adoptive parents discover the tools to help make sense of their adoption experience.  

Paula embarked on her journey of helping others after experiencing profound healing herself, thanks to the support of a pivotal figure, Jeanette. Through her own therapeutic journey, where she credits Jeanette with “saving” her, Paula discovered her passion for aiding others on their paths to healing.

As a valued member of the Celia Center community, Paula dedicated countless hours to supporting adoptive parents in triad support groups and assisting Jeanette with teen support groups. Her invaluable insights as a multiracial adoptee were shared on platforms like the reality show "Raising Whitley," where she fearlessly addressed the complexities of adoption.

Having grappled firsthand with the challenges of adoption, Paula understands the struggles that many face and has tirelessly worked to overcome her own obstacles. Driven by a desire to pay forward her experiences and knowledge, Paula pursued further education to better equip herself in aiding those navigating life's difficulties.

During her tenure as a case worker for teens, Paula witnessed the transformation of her clients, including the joy of seeing one embark on their college journey. Her empathetic and compassionate nature creates a nurturing environment where clients feel empowered to open up and collaborate on finding solutions.

Paula's journey is a testament to the power of healing and resilience, and her commitment to guiding others through their struggles exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves.

Paula’s passion for the adoption community is to support the realization that we can heal from the pain, through specific compassion-based proven techniques addressing the core vulnerabilities in adoption for all members of the constellation. 



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