Suzan Olson Davis 

Suzan Olson Davis, M.A , A.M.F.T

Child, Adult and Family Clinician

All of us experience twists and turns, triumphs and losses as we navigate our own unique paths. As a supportive co-collaborator, I will compassionately guide you through life's numerous obstacles – identifying and exploring the challenges which are blocking you from living your preferred life. Together, we’ll build a solid foundation to make space for new narratives of empowerment inspired by your values, hopes, and dreams.

I specialize in working with clients in the adoption constellation as well as those in creative professions. However, I also work with children, teens, adults, groups, and families from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of issues. My therapeutic approach is integrative and grounded in mindfulness - drawing from various therapeutic modalities in order to fit your own unique needs. 

 For over two decades I worked in the entertainment industry and am familiar with many of the struggles those in creative professions face. I’m committed to working through those challenges together and supporting your artistic goals.

My personal journey as an adoptive mother navigating an open adoption has helped me gain a deep understanding of the complex vulnerabilities those in the adoption community experience and has driven my desire to help us understand ourselves, and each other better. 

I welcome any questions, and look forward to connecting with you!



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